Ishe Smith Wonders What Is Next For Canelo After Caleb Plant Fallout


    Last week boxing fans were let down when word of negotiations between Canelo and Caleb Plant stalled and it was announced that there is no fight. Accusations and conspiracies have flown out of everyone’s ass that has access to social media as to what happened but at the end of the day the only ones that know the truth are the parties involved.

    Plant was quick to speak out on what was offered monetary wise and what stipulations there were for the fight. He also stated that he has evidence (as everyone says) as to what was offered. If Plant is telling the truth and the fight with Canelo does not happen he should release the so called evidence he has.

    Canelo on the other hand has been silent about the whole thing. Fans have been left scratching their heads wondering why the current face of boxing has not gone on to speak publicly about the fallout but in reality do we really need an explination?

    Ishe Smith holds a tremendous amount of respect for Canelo and believes Canelo ducks no one in the ring. The fact that Canelo has not opened up on the issue does not bother Smith at all as he believes Canelo owes no explanation to anyone. What Smith does want to know is what most in the boxing world want/need to know from Canelo: what’s next?

    “Canelo is far from a duck,” stated Smith via Twitter. “We know what that man represents. I’m cool with the silence, I’m cool with fans assuming. At the end of the day he doesn’t owe anyone a explanation why the fight collapsed. But we can have a opinion. Just wondering what’s next as a fan.”

    There has been talk about Canelo going back up to 175 lbs. in a possible title fight against Dmitry Bivol. It would be an easy fight to make with both fighting on DAZN. Should talks resume with Plant whop knows where it would go and what Plant will agree to as he may not get another opportunity like this again in his career. GGG seems to be out of the picture as well. The one thing we know is the clock is ticking and time is running out. Where do we go from here?