Ivan Redkach Files Appeal To Overturn Prograis Loss To A DQ Victory For Himself


    “We have been far taught more about shame than about our anatomy.” ― Lynn Enright

    You wouldn’t know it if I didn’t tell you but that quote is from a book about the vagina but it fits so well with what this article is about.

    On April 17th Ivan Redkach had the only legitimate fight with another boxer, Regis Prograis on the undercard of Jake Paul – Ben Askren. As I watched this card my heart was set on this fight to add legitimacy to what was otherwise a concert that took way too long filled with parking lot brawls. Man, was I ever disappointed.

    Prograis delivered. I’ve got no issues with him he did what he had to do and would have stopped the Ukrainian fighter… I mean Oscar nominated actor.

    My Beef is with Redkach and this is where that quote comes in. Let’s start with anatomy. Redkach went down to a low blow that landed on the side of his leg. It’s clear he does not know anatomy and could tell his dick from a hole in the ground. Shame…Redkach does not know shame. I thought the farce was over a long time ago but Redkach is now filing an appeal to overturn the TKO loss and get the decision reversed to a DQ victory for himself.

    If you put in the work and get screwed over by say Texas judges then by all means but if you want a handout after you looked for an easy way out then you deserve neither. Instead you should give your fight purse away to those who are really in need unless you needed to pay medical bills to put your dick where it’s supposed to be.