Jake Paul Offers To Double Tyron Woodley’s Purse If He Wins


    Jake and Logan Paul both had busy days today (June 3rd) in regards to their upcoming fights. Logan had his press conference with Floyd Mayweather in which the two shared an intense face-off but the real fire was between Jake and Tyron Woodley.

    Paul and Woodley engaged in what would be round two of trash talk (the first round was backstage at the Paul-Askren fight), and with Paul taking on the Mayweather type of role, talking big about what he will do and, of course, money.

    Paul did make an offer to Woodley in regards to their fight. If Woodley can win then Paul will double his fight purse. Should Woodley lose then he would donate his fight purse to Paul’s charity.

    From the video that I saw, there was no agreement, but on Instagram, Woodley told Paul to show him the money, which then prompted a Mayweather-esque response.

    “I got cares that are worth more than your purse. I’m in touch with your manager to make this a legit thing. I am not playing.”