Jake Paul – Tyron Woodley To Fight On Showtime PPV AUG 28th


    If you had hoped and prayed for the day Jake Paul would step in the ring with an actual boxer…well guess what; it isn’t happening. Did you hope for Paul to at least fight someone who was not past their prime and not been on a losing streak? Well, I hate to disappoint you twice if that is what you expected.

    Paul is set to make his Showtime debut this August 28th on Pay Per View against former UFC Welterweight Champion Tyron Woodley.

    Woodley lost his last four fights in the UFC and has since been cut. He accompanied Ben Askren earlier this year when Askren fought Paul. Prior to the fight, there was a lot of chirping coming from Paul and his trainer/boxer J’Leon Love. Woodley held his shit together pretty well and one would think that if Woodley did do a boxing fight it would have been against Love.

    For Paul, this marks his fourth fight in boxing (all against nonboxers) and his second fight against MMA fighters that have seen better days.

    Perhaps next we will see Michael Jordan playing football against kindergarteners.