Jayson Velez Dominates; Stops Salvador Sanchez II in Two


In the second fight of Saturday’s “Cotto vs. Trout” broadcast, featherweights Jayson Velez and Salvador Sanchez II took part in a fight that was as exciting as it was one-sided.

The opening moments of the first round seems to describe the contest between the two featherweight in a nut-shell. Velez answered the bell looking to be the aggressor early, and quickly began throwing left and right straights that would land at will. Things get much worse for Sanchez II when Velez begins finding a home for a slick, yet vicious uppercut. All the while  Velez is assaulting  him against the ropes , Sanchez II offers little in the way in the offense until the last few seconds of the round.

As the bell rang, signaling the start of the second round, Sanchez II looked to make up for his slow start and come out aggressive. This proved to be relatively useless as Velez began exploiting the porous defense of Sanchez II. Once again, Velez began landing the uppercut which did so well in the opening round. Sanchez would eventually get nailed with a vicious uppercut that had him stunned, and wobbling around the ring.

Velez smelled blood and withing seconds charged Sanchez II around the ring while digging shots into both the head and body. Somehow Sanchez II managed to stay standing, but in the rounds closing seconds, Velez manages to drop Sanchez with a furious combination that utilized a booming right straight, along with the uppercut that had given him so much success.

To many’s surprise, Sanchez II’s corner continued on with the fight, but that proved to be relatively futile. In the third rounds early moments, Velez charges the center ring and drops Sanchez II. Although Sanchez II managed to beat the ref’s 10-count, it’s obvious that he isn’t in good shape. Velez storms in once again, and batters Sanchez II against the ropes, forcing the referee to step in and stop the fight in the third round.

It’s hard to tell where Jayson Velez stands because as dominant as the performance may have been, one can’t help but question the quality of the opposition. Regardless of where he may stand in the rankings, Velez has proven that he is a fighter to watch in the featherweight division.