Jean Pascal Popped For PED’s, Badou Jack Responds


    The Floyd Mayweather-Logan Paul even suffered a devastating blow today (May 28th) by losing its co-main event.

    Jean-Pascal tested positive for three different steroids is officially off the fight card and as of now, Badou Jack is still slated to fight so the co-main is not completely off.

    Jack suspected Pascal was dirty when the first two fought in December of 2019. Not only did jack feel cheated performance wise but he also felt cheated by the judges. Not only did Jack get cheated twice but not getting a chance for redemption makes it three times he’s been cheated in regards to fighting Pascal.

    “My fight with Jean Pascal is OFF,” stated Jack via social media. “Jean Pascal tested positive for 3 different banned substances & steroids. We suspected he was dirty the first time around and that’s why we asked for VADA this fight. I was cheated in the first fight by blind judges, and 75% of the viewers agreed I won the fight. This fight, I was ready to knock him out and not leave it to the judges. He cheated me out of my redemption and the fans out of witnessing it. Once a cheater always a cheater… Cowards can’t win without cheating & his career will always be tainted by that. Anyways, I’m still fighting on June 6th and my team is looking for a replacement opponent. Alhamdulillah for everything.”