Jean Pascal to Adonis Stevenson: Do You Bark Like a Big Dog When Al Haymon Tells You?


    jean-e1390494191518-300x168Ambition is the path to success. Persistence is the vehicle you arrive in.” Bill Bradley said it best and whether Jean Pascal has heard that quote or not at any time in his life he sure is following it. 

    Pascal has been adamant in getting a fight with fellow Haitian-Canadian Adonis Stevenson but from what it seems the chances of the fight taking place may not be happening in the near future but that hasn’t stopped Pascal from throwing verbal jabs at Stevenson whom seems to be hardly acknowledging Pascal’s comments aside from the odd response. In Pascal’s latest jab to Stevenson he stated that “Superman” seemed to be like Al Hamyon’s dog that answers at Haymon’s command.

    “Do you bark like a big dog when Al Haymon tells you,” said Pascal via social media whom then compared Stevenson to a bride to be from the Eddie Murphy movie Coming To America. “Do you make a noise like an orangutan?”