Jelena Mrdjenovich – Erika Cruz Hernandez set for April 22nd in New York


    Jelena Mrdjenovich had an exciting fight in December against Paola Torres in what was thought to lead up to a mega-fight with Amanda Serrano. Things fell through and both sides have their own version of what happened. In the end, Mrdjenovich was named WBC Champion Emeritus, and Serrano was elevated to full champion. 

    Things did not stop there as both have signed to fight other fighters. Serrano has a great fight lined up against Daniela Bermudez and Mrdjenovich had hoped to get a title unification bout against Sarah Mahfoud. That never happened and instead, Mrdjenovich will face Erika Cruz Hernandez which should be an entertaining fight as well.

    Cruz Hernandez has had some good fights and fought earlier in February. You can be sure she will come into this fight with the urge to prove herself as a fighter and to try and snatch away Mrdjenovich’s titles.

    The bout is scheduled to take place at the West Point Military Academy in New York on April 22nd.