Jelena Mrdjenovich Seeks Redemption Against Matthysse


Jelena MrdjenovichTwo and a half months ago Jelena Mrdjenovich (35-10-1, 19 KO’s) had a hiccup in her sixth world title reign when she traveled to Argentina to fight Edith Soledad Matthysse in a unified featherweight world title bout. Mrdjenovich lost a unanimous decision in enemy territory that most times are often controversial, but Mrdjenovich had some setbacks in her training camp which proved to be disastrous for her come fight night.

“No matter where you fight you always have to be on point” stated Mrdjenovich. “I knew going into the fight that we were going to have to have a dominating performance in order to win. But unfortunately, I had some setbacks early in camp, and that kept snowballing and I also came out flat fight night. I had one of the worst performances I have had as an athlete in a very long time, and she had her best. That is sport and boxing… You have to be 100% every time out, and, unfortunately, I was not, shitty for me, lucky for her.”

Mrdjenovich currently has no plans on fighting this year and is allowing her body to rest so that she could be one hundred percent focused mentally and physically healthy and would like to have a rematch around March.

A change in weight may also happen for the Edmonton fighter. She has won titles in three different divisions and wants to win a title in a fourth, and a move down in weight is more likely than a move up, but her main focus is on Matthysse.

“For me I am the most comfortable I have ever been in my career at featherweight. I have already been a world champion at Lightweight, super featherweight and now featherweight. If anything I would be more interested in moving down one more weight class to be a 4 division champion. But first things first, a rematch should be in order. I have to prove that I am one of the best female fighters out there, and that means fighting the current champion, Soledad Matthyese in another great bout.”