Jennings Looks To Make Fedosov Go “By-By’


This exciting heavyweight clash has fallen under the radar, due to all the other great fights that we are about to be treated too. This weekend is jam packed. Also the big news surrounding Mayweather and Canelo and Lucas Matthysse possibly fighting Danny Garcia, has really grasped the public’s attention.  Boxing is doing extremely well right now, better than I have seen it do in a long time and I have been watching boxing since the 80’s. But I digress…..

Speaking about the 80’s, that was the last decade that produced real quality American heavyweights.  Like Tyson, Holyfield, Bowe, Byrd, Mercer, Witherspoon and the rest. By the mid to late 90’s, we were done in the heavyweight division.  It was a weight class that was conceded to the United Kingdom (Lenox Lewis) and then to the Ukraine/Germany (The Klitschko’s).  Here we are, it’s 2013 and the American heavyweight landscape is still barren, for the most part.  I am sure guys like Bryant Jennings, Malik Scott and Deontay Wilder would beg to differ. All I got to tell you guy’s is I am feeling you, but you got to show me something, so I can start riding with you.

Mr. Bryant “By-By” Jennings, amazing that at only 16-0 with 8 KO’s he is perhaps the most developed, tested and seasoned fighter, of all American heavyweights contenders. He has already beaten a former champion/belt holder in Siarhei Liakhovich.  Who I will forever remember for his epic war with Lamon Brewster, maybe the best heavy weight scrap since Lewis-Klitschko. On June 14, 2013 he is scheduled to face Andrey Fedosov, at the Sands Casino in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.  I am fortunate enough to have the opportunity to catch this fight live. What can we expect from this match up, how will it play out?  I expect Jennings to come out victorious in spectacular fashion.

Andrey Fedosov; I did not know much about him before this fight, I must admit. However I did do my research, as we approach the date. My assessment is a simple one he is just too slow and mechanical to defeat Bryant Jennings in my opinion.  Watched a couple of clips, although he does have power, he gets hit way too much and is extremely slow. On the other hand Jennings is a smooth boxer for his size and a heavy banger with a well developed inside game and speed to boot.  At the end of the day if Lance “Goofi” Whitaker beat you, then “By-By” Jennings will beat you too. I can’t see this fight going past 5 rounds, the talent and skill disparity is extremely wide.  Having said that, this is a Heavyweight fight and one shot can send conventional wisdom out the window, in a heartbeat!   So please do watch the fight live, on NBC Sports.  The undercard should also be quite explosive the next three weekends should be amazing for boxing fans.