Jermell Charlo Says There Will Be No Doubt About The Result In Castaño Rematch


Last Saturday Jermell Charlo and Brian Castaño fought to a highly contested draw. Both fighters had their moments but Charlo’s power showed when he connected clean. Castaño’s work rate really paid off as it could be said he won more rounds and got cheated out of a victory. Regardless of the result fans got an entertaining fight.

The post-fight interview did not go so well for Charlo especially when asked if he wanted the rematch to get another shot at undisputed. Charlo said that’s up to his manager Al Haymon which did not sit well with many boxing fans. Charlo did state in the next question that undisputed is what he wants and rightfully so but you as a fighter have to tell your manager and promoter that and they do the rest for you, not the other way around.

Charlo took to social media today (Tuesday) to give Castaño credit for his performance in the ring and stating that he does indeed want the rematch to happen and things will go differently the second time around.

“Brian Castaño is one hell of a better fighter than anyone gave him credit for and he came to fight for his life Saturday,” stated Charlo. “If fights are scored as a whole I landed the harder and better shots, but boxing isn’t scored that way. Boxing is scored round by round. I’ve always said to take a belt from a champion you need to take that belt and the judges felt neither of us did enough to take those other belts and they ruled a draw. I don’t want to become undisputed by a narrow controversial decision. I want to make a statement. I didn’t do my part to get the KO and as always I will continue to learn and improve. When we run it back, just like I adjusted in Harrison II, there will be no doubt about the result.”

Since Charlo wants the rematch it should be the next fight when he returns to the ring because a lot can go wrong if he takes a different route. There is already a lot of talk about the fight and it’s always best to strike when things are hot. What say you, Mr. Haymon?