Jesse James Leijia Wants Cotto-Canelo in the Alamo Dome


    downloadCanelo and Cotto are still in talks. There’s no date, there’s no location, just negotiation. But if Jesse James Leijia had it his way, he’d want the fight in Texas, and in San Antonio.

    I hear the negotiations are going well. I hear there is a lot of interest in staging the fight in Texas and at the Alamo Dome in San Antonio, hopefully we bring it to the Alamo Dome,” Leijia told ESPN Deportes. “There’s no doubt in my mind we’d be able to sell 60,000 tickets and the atmosphere would be tremendous.”

    Canelo fought Austin Trout in 2013 in April and the bout packed the house with 40,000 fans. Leijia believes on the weekend of Cinco De Mayo, they will surpass that number and more especially with two of the biggest names in boxing.

    “With a great promotion and we’ve proven we can promote a big fight with Golden Boy, we fill up the Alamo Dome. Against Trout, we announced the fight not too far away from the date of the fight and we sold 40,000 tickets. This time we’ll have more time and look at the names, Cotto and Canelo, we’ll do an even better job with the promotions and tickets.”