Joel Diaz Feels the Future Is Bright for Diego De La Hoya


e9a2c7cf22784ab178896acc8b5d3f7a_7ea1bDiego De La Hoya scored a six round unanimous decision victory last Friday over Luis Ruiz Lazarraga Jr. After the fight, had a chance to speak with the trainer of the ‘Golden Kid’, Joel Diaz.

Diaz was happy with the performance of his fighter, but also placed a critical note. “He was a little tense. He wanted to score a knockout. I had to control him a bit after the third round. He is young, has speed and has power. But sometimes he wants too much. That’s where we come in, to tame him a bit.”

Diego De La Hoya is the nephew of the legendary ‘Golden Boy’ Oscar De La Hoya. We asked Diaz whether his fighter is feeling the pressure of his last name. Diaz answered, “He never tells me he feels the pressure of his last name. He never complains. He just trains really hard, without complaining, but in the ring he likes to have fun. He is still young and in the learning progress.”