Joel Diaz: “If The Pacquiao Fight is Close, We Won’t Get The Decision”


The confidence is running high for Team Bradley ahead of their rematch showdown with Manny Pacquiao and for good reason. Manny Pacquiao has not looked like the same fighter since their first encounter even as he shutout Brandon Rios last November. Bradley on the other hand has had his stock value move in a positive direction as he went to war with Ruslan Provodnikov and eked out a decision. He followed up that performance by out pointed Juan Manuel Marquez in 2013. Out of he 4 pay-per-views in the next 4 months, by odds makers lines, it is the closest fight of the 4. Still, trainer Joel Diaz says not many are giving Bradley a shot.

“Let me tell you something. In every single fight that we do media things, it annoys me that I look at the guy’s faces that we do interviews with, I’m as confident as ever that Tim Bradley will win this fight. They look at me like I’m crazy and I know most doubt me but I’m going to guarantee you on this and the way he’s hitting right now, we’re going to win this fight. I’m going to come to Vegas walking tall because we have all the confidence in the world,” Diaz told

Team Bradley feels that they won the 1st fight regardless of how the public perceived the scorecards and feel had Bradley not injured his feet, the decision would be more decisive. For that reason, Diaz feels they are extremely confident in victory.

“Confidence isn’t only the main thing, its preparation and determination,” stated Diaz. “He wants to keep working. Tim tells me ‘This guy cannot outsmart me or out punch me. After the second round I told myself this is the best in the world? I guarantee you if I would have had my feet 100%, I’d have beat him more decisively. The only way he’s going to beat me is if he puts me to sleep and he’s not going to do it.”

While it has been said that Manny Pacquiao was less aggressive in his last fight, Diaz feels that they aren’t expecting a different Pacquiao. They are expecting the same old Pacquiao that wants to be aggressive and take chances. That’s where Team Bradley feels they will capitalize.

“Pacquiao’s definitely not going to change. He’s going to run into problems. He’s not going to change; he’s going to be the same. He throws punches in bunches when you’re standing in front of him. Tim isn’t going to stand in front of him, Tim’s going to hurt him inside. Pacquiao’s going to have problems. I won’t be surprised if Tim hurts him. Tim is hitting extremely hard, conserving his punches and landing extremely effective punches. Tim’s going to make history.”

But even if they have all the confidence in the world, if it comes down to the cards in a close fight, Diaz feels they won’t get the nod. He feels that sentiment because of the controvery in the fight fight abd because Manny Pacquiao is big business where a loss loss might hurt the brand that is Pacquiao.

““We have to be very decisive. We have to make it very decisive and I’ll tell you straight out, if we go the distance and its close we’re not going to win. Manny Pacquiao is still the cash cow and there are fights aside from Bradley that the promoters can make millions and millions of dollars off him. Unfortunately Tim Bradley doesn’t have that draw. If it’s close we’re not going to win. We have to win rounds and the fight very decisively.”

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  1. Bradley’s Team is full crap. They were given a gift decision the last time, now they’re saying they will be cheated. Common Diaz, you cheated Pacquiao by not returning the belt you robbed from him.

  2. The comments of Joel Diaz, Bradley’s trainer is like pre-empting the outcome of the upcoming fight of Pacquiao-Bradley at the same time looking for excuses when they loose in these early stages. Diaz quoted, “If we go the distance and it is close, we will not get the nod from the judges due to the sympathy for Pacquiao in the first fight” For Diaz, he acknowledges the fact that Pacquiao has the edge with the judges for now, but insisting that they won fairly in the first fight. Sounds double standard!

  3. What a load of crap. One guy doesn’t grow power overnight. We all know Bradley hits like a girl. His punches don’t bother anybody. Only way Bradley can win mister Diaz is if he beats Pacquaio on the scorecards? bradley knocking pac out? Please… Anybody can get knocked out or down, that happens. Not everytime. Bradley can’t hurt or even push Pacquaio back with his best punches. When Pac landed the good powershots in the first fight we saw how his head was snapped back or how Bradley would back off after feeling the power, content trying to counter punch and duck to survive and throw non convincing slaps at manny thinking you guys won the fight? Please. The fighter here with power in his hands is Pac. Bradley has a suspect chin. Pac surely has enough power to put your guy on his ass.

  4. If that is so then why proceed with the fight if you think the judges will be unfair ? Do you suggest to do away with the judges ?

  5. You’re better off training Tim to run faster. I heard PAC is into basketball and 100 yard dashes.

  6. Pacquiao was the one cheated as far as I know. Arum thought Bradley will become a superstar overnight but he was wrong. The idea got backfired.

  7. This s what you call,, this stage of the game, reverse phychology. Joel obviously want the PAC to think that the PAC don’t need to dominate or KO Tim and at the same time, he want to prep the boxing world this time if it goes to the score card because he know Tim is an expert by now on winning close fights. Its a fasade.

  8. That’s a moronic statement. Bradley got a gift decision last time, that isn’t even close fight. Gather your wits Diaz. In the back of your mind you know you yourself can’t even be convinced that Bradley that fight. Your fighter was consumed that night.

    But on Bradley’s credit, he won against Marquez, won against Provodikov. But his head is bouncing like a soccer ball all night on that fight. LOL

  9. In the first fight, it was not close. Most observer felt Pacquiao won. Why would Joel Diaz say “If The Pacquiao Fight is Close, We Won’t Get The Decision?”

  10. And how did Bradley end up with broken feet? Is it not that Pac put him unbalanced making Bradley twist his own ankle?

  11. WTF this Joel Diaz saying??? Fight is a month away and you have already an excuse if the fight is close your fighter will lose. Loser! get a life and right train Bradley really hard to run fast. lol!

  12. Mr Joel Diaz, the correct thing to say is if Pacquiao has battered Bradley very badly, Pacquiao will lose again. You know very well it was clear that Pacquiao won the first fight by a mile. Stop deluding yourself that Bradley won.