John Fury on Klitschko: “He’s going to be carried out on a stretcher”


Tyson FuryIf you ask John Fury, the heavyweight championship is safe and sound in the U.K and will be there for a while.

John, the former bare-knuckle fighter, and father of Tyson, the lineal heavyweight champion of the world was at no loss for words when speaking at nephew’s Hughie’s fight in late March. Speaking to iFL TV, John emphasized where the worldwide capital of heavyweight boxing is, “Forget America, forget Russia, forget Germany, the UK is where heavyweight boxing is happening, happening here, now, will be happening for a long time cause there is nobody out there that can touch my son.
In case you have been living under a rock, Tyson Fury (25 – 0, 18 KO’s) pulled off a massive upset, lifting the legitimate heavyweight championship from longtime belt holder, Wladimir Klitschko, in November, in Wlad’s adopted home of Germany . Currently, Fury is contractually mandated to rematch Klitschko, although as of now, nothing has been made official.
Most observers believed the rematch would be signed rather quickly, especially with Klitschko’s reaction to the defeat. However, four months later, there’s still nothing scheduled as venues and purses might be sticking points.
Although Fury is the reigning champion who won a clear decision in the first fight, perhaps Wlad holds more leverage than a simpleton might believe. Either way, John Fury makes some excellent points, “Here’s where it belongs, here’s where we’re from,  he’s won the heavyweight championship of the world, we went over there in the lion’s den, it’s only fair and fitting he should come to the UK, we’re the defending champions, we’ve done anything they’ve asked, let them do what we asked, we want to box here, we’re British”
It’s hard to argue John’s point of view and a Fury vs. Klitschko rematch in the U.K would absolutely be a massive event. And with an another promising U.K. heavyweight in Anthony Joshua getting his crack at glory for a secondary title this weekend, the roadmap to a Fury vs. Joshua is inching closer to a reality.
Let’s get back to Fury vs. Klitschko II for a second and get John prediction if the Wlad dares to challenge Tyson in his backyard, “At the end of the day he’s going to be champion of the world a long time, if Klitschko comes here he’s going to be carried out on a stretcher, and anybody else as well”.