Molina Wants Figueroa at StubHub


    John MolinaJohn Molina Jr. has suffered three consecutive losses, albeit against relatively tough opposition. His last loss came at the hands of Adrien Broner back in March when he was virtually shut out on two of the three judges’ scorecards.

    It was disappointing for Molina Jr., who just a year before the Broner fight, competed in a “Fight of the Year” performance against Lucas Matthysse. Molina Jr. was eventually stopped in the 11th round, but not before scoring a couple of knockdowns of his own against Matthysse.

    Now, Molina Jr. is back in the gym with his trainer Joe Goossen and he says the two of them are preparing for a comeback fight in hopes of getting back into the win column.

    ThaBoxingVoice’s Fernando Pimentel asked Molina when he thought he’d be back, to which he responded, “Soon enough. We’re already in the gym right now; we’re getting ready and getting prepared. It was an unfortunate situation on the last fight with Adrien Broner. Can’t take anything away from the guy, he fought his fight. We’re looking to go on and go forward and get back in the ring.”

    Molina isn’t looking for an easy victory, however. In fact, he appears to be interested in one of the most physical fights out there in Omar Figueroa, who recently moved up to junior welterweight in his last outing where he defeated Scotland’s Ricky Burns.

    Molina believes that a fight with Figueroa works on many levels, and he even offers up a suggestion for the location.

    “Stylistically it’s a great fight (with Figueroa). Omar Figueroa is a great fighter. I think together we kind of resemble each other, the way we do fight. I think it’s only going to make for a great fight. That’s a fight I would love to do, matter of fact it’s a fight I’d love to do at StubHub. I think it’s a perfect fight for this venue,” Molina said.

    Figueroa didn’t look great in his last outing so a fight with Molina makes sense. But forget all the sense it makes for their careers, and for the overall landscape of the division. This is a fight that could steal “Fight of the Year” honors at any point in the year.