Jose Alfaro Considering His Own Boxing Promotion


    Former lightweight world champion Jose “Quiebra Jicara” Alfaro of Nicaragua has been considering starting  a promotional brand of his own (as many fighters today have). The 10 year veteran believes that he has a few years left in the sport competing but when that is done there is no reason to leave boxing altogether but would have to start small.

    “I think I still have two or three years left in the sport,” said Alfaro. I am 30 years old and that is why I am thinking of beginning a promotion.  To start It would have to be something small. Every company starts from scratch and hopefully I can do a  good job on my proposal. I’m putting together a team with coach Gustavo Herrera, Pablo Ozuna and myself. We are trying to become good promoters that bring out new elements.”

    Alfaro continued, “there is no reason to get away from boxing. I will continue in boxing, a sport in which I have been in for a long time. I am grateful to the sport and I what I have left is to support younger fighters that are equal or better than me.”