Jose Luis Castillo Jr. Wants a shot at Kiko Martinez


By: Julio Garcia

Moving forward should always be the goal in boxing. As your career moves on so should your levels of competition. If you’re at the top of the food chain you must take on everyone and everything that comes your way. When you’re fighting to the top you have to get rid of those ahead of you and those that try to take your place.

Jose Luis Castillo Jr. has fought as a professional fighter since 2013. There have been a few bumps in the road career wise but that has not deterred him from abandoning his dream in the sport. Castillo is looking to move forward in his career and after sitting out all of 2020 he is ready to step back in the ring and he has his eyes set on one man, Kiko Martinez. 

“I would love to fight a fighter like Kiko,” Tweeted Castillo. “I wish it could happen this year.” “I need those real tests now in my career and I’m sure that going into a fight like this well prepared we can take advantage of that opportunity. He is a solid fighter for sure, but I’m also willing to give everything I’ve been working through all these years [to be victorious].”