Josh Taylor on Ryan Garcia: What a tadger (d**k)


By Julio Garcia

Ryan Garcia had his coming out party Saturday night against Luke Campbell. From the moment he arrived at the arena, dressed in white with his relaxed social demeanor backstage, you could tell his confidence was high. If not then, the ring walk should have made that clear to you.

Garcia sat atop a throne wearing a crown that was carried by 4 men to the ring. Where’s the harm in that you may ask yourself? Well, to some in the boxing world, they feel Garcia has done nothing yet in the sport to warrant him being carried out like a king. One of those people is WBA and IBF 140 pound champion, Josh Taylor.

“What a little prick Ryan Garcia is. What a tadger! (Penis),” Tweeted Taylor. When asked why he was salty Taylor answered, “the ring entrance. Just dead cringe. Can’t be pulling things like that when you haven’t won nothin.”