Josh Taylor Should Wait To Fight Crawford


    Last Saturday Josh Taylor did what very few in the modern four title belt era have accomplished, become an undisputed world champion. Since that victory, Taylor has money, options, and a vast amount of opportunities at his fingertips.

    Of all the options available to the undefeated Scot, the most lucrative (in-house) is also the most dangerous- a fight with Terrence Crawford. For that fight to happen it more than likely will not take place in the United States which is something Crawford may not agree with unless the money is huge (and if the money is huge there should not be a problem to make the Shawn Porter fight…Pay the man Bob!). Taylor should avoid this fight for now (not a knock on Taylor the reasons why are below).

    Holding a belt means a lot. For most fighters, the belt (aside from money) is a dream come true. Winning that belt and then vacating is not such a great idea unless you cannot make the weight in a healthy manner. There are many that see a champion as someone who wins a belt and defends it. Taylor has a mandatory against Jack Catterall so why not have that fight in the UK which will be huge there, make some money, and have that defense of your titles on your record?

    After that defense, you don’t have to vacate. Test the waters in the 147 lb. division against an opponent that is not going to obliterate you but against one that will determine if you truly belong in the division. Yes, Crawford moved up in weight to the division but he’s not just any fighter. Crawford is special and if you are going to get in the ring with him you better be 100% sure you can handle your shit. The term ‘look before you leap’ fits in perfectly here. Test it if it works then good if not you did not have to take a severe beating to learn the hard way.

    On the flip side, if the fight does not happen immediately Crawford could have a fight and lose his title and you both lose the opportunity to put on a show for some good money. I doubt that happens with the lack of work happening between Top Rank and PBC (not counting Fury-Wilder 3 because that shit went to court) so don’t expect Crawford to have a fight against any of those guys and if he does then hell has frozen over (no, that’s not a knock on Bud).