JRock Finishes Cuello in 1st, Then Goes After Trout Post-Fight


    It did not take long at all for Julian “JRock” Williams to dispose of his opponenet, Argentina-born fighter Luciano Leonel Cuello, as he did so in just the 1st round of their scheduled 10. The stoppage came at 1:33 as fans at the Sands Casino in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania were treated to more than just one sparring session – but more on that later.


    Williams did exactly what he was supposed to do against the set completion, but the biggest win for Williams was that he did it as the main event for PBC on Fox Sports 1. That is significant because just two weeks ago, in the PBC debut on Fox Sports 1, Austin Trout stopped former J-Rock opponent Joey Hernandez.
    What was significant about this win as it relates to J-Rock’s own was the fact that Trout was able to stop a fighter that J-Rock never did. Trout made as much known in the post-fight interview and he called it a message to Williams.


    As far as the fight goes, Williams overwhelmed Cuello, simple as that, and the power was the biggest factor. J-Rock unloaded on Cuello after it appeared as though he’d start out methodical. He pumped his jab and gauged distance, but J-Rock found a hole and exploited it.


    Cuello was hit with two huge right hands, which stumbled him backwards into the ropes. J-Rock jumped on Cuello at that point and absolutely swarmed him with rights and lefts.


    It wasn’t a surprise win, but we were all tuned in for the post-fight interview as the subject of J-Rock’s verbal attacks over this past year, Austin Trout, was seated ringside doing commentary. The night of Trout’s Fox Sports 1 win, he made it a point to call out Williams, but Williams stated on Twitter that he wasn’t focused on Trout, making it seem as though he wasn’t really interested in the fight.


    Furthermore, J-Rock’s own team began saying on Twitter that night that he we would not believe who he was going to call out after his 9-22 win.


    Well, Williams didn’t call anyone out, and didn’t even seem all that interested in Trout during his post-fight interview with Danny Jacob. He said that he doubted Trout wanted to fight him and that his position is the same as it has always been – he’ll fight anyone. J-Rock did make it a point to call out recently crowned junior middleweight champion Jermall Charlo.


    As nonchalant as J-Rock tried to play it with Trout, he ended up going to ringside to throw some verbal jabs his way, although it seemed pretty respectful as both fighters admitted as much to each other. They continued to jab at each other until agreeing in theory to fighting and shaking hands.


    So, it looks like Trout and Williams is next. I like that fight. You should like that fight. It’s a good fight.


    J-Rock landed 29 of 62 punches and Cuello landed a pitiful 2 of 5 punches.