Juan Francisco Estrada and Carlos Cuadras Calls Out Roman Gonzalez


Almost four and a half years ago Juan Francisco Estrada had the fight of his career that brought him recognition to the boxing public when he took on Roman Gonzalez in a back and forth war between two fighters that had no intentions of slowing down. Boxing fans were left wanting more and the two fighters expressed on numerous occasions that they wanted a rematch. That never happened. Instead, the two fighters have both gone on to do big things for themselves in boxing, which has garnered even more interest from boxing fans for the rematch.

Juan Francisco Estrada

Last Saturday, Estrada returned to the ring after a five-month layoff to take on and defeat Columbia’s Anuar Salas via knockout. “El Gallo” had returned with a bang and with it being early in the year there are several possibilities for him to push himself this year. The rematch with Gonzalez being the most anticipated out of those possibilities.

After the fight, Estrada was being interviewed and he was asked about a message that he had for Gonzalez. Estrada then proceeded to pull two eggs out (which is a Spanish reference for having balls) and stated that he has what Gonzalez needs to make the fight happen. Estrada went even further to post a picture with the eggs on social media in hopes that someone would relay the message to Gonzalez.

Carlos Blandon who manages Gonzalez told Tha Boxing Voice that Estrada is “crazy and desperate.”

Gonzalez, on the other hand, has no interest at the moment to face Estrada and claims that Estrada is only after a payday. “I am not interested in a rematch with [Estrada],” Gonzalez stated during a press conference in New York. “He is only interested in fighting me again because of the money he would make.”

Aside from Estrada’s comments, Carlos Cuadras has also fired a few shots towards Gonzalez especially calling him “Chocorrajas” which basically means Chocolatito backs down. Gonzalez is unfazed by these comments and feels that the two fighters are very disrespectful and they were virtually unknown until they stepped in the ring with him. ” I don’t feel bothered [by their comments], I do not lack respect. On the contrary, they are the ones that lack respect.”