Juan Francisco Estrada Feels The Judges Robbed Him Against Roman Gonzalez, Rematch Would Be Different


    Juan Francisco “El Gallo” Estrada put himself on the map as a top fighter in the lower weight classes in late in 2012 when he fought against Roman “Chocolatito” Gonzalez in what could have been a fight of the year candidate.

    Estrada lost a tight toe to toe war with Gonzalez which left fans wanting to see a rematch but it left a sour taste in Estrada’s mouth as he felt he should have won the fight but the judges gave it to Gonzalez who was then a champion and undefeated.

    “That fight happened at 108 pounds. I fight at 112 pounds,” said Estrada. “The judges gave Roman Gonzalez the decision. I knew that it shouldn’t have gone that way but he was the champion an undefeated and I was an unknown.”

    Estrada has expressed interest in a rematch with Gonzalez and has stated that he learned quite a bit from their first fight and at 112 pounds it will be a different fight with a different outcome.

    “At my weight it will be different. It was a good fight and I learned from it.”