Juan Francisco Estrada On Rematch With Chocolatito

Juan Francisco Estrada

Juan Francisco Estrada112 pound WBA Super, WBO world flyweight champion Juan Francisco “El Gallo” Estrada (33-2, 24 KO’s) has fought and proven himself against many of the fighters of the lower weight divisions. His fights with Roman Gonzalez and Brian Viloria shot him to stardom and rematches were discussed for him to face both of his former foes. Those rematches did not happen at all this year, and Estrada moved on to fight other big names while Gonzalez and Viloria went on to face each other. Estrada, having fought both fighters predicted how the fight would go. The first couple rounds would be more fast paced and exciting, but Gonzalez would come on strong and overpower and out-punch Viloria and stop him late in the fight.

“He (Gonzalez) was very confident, strong and well prepared,” Estrada said to Desde El Ring. “I think it was a fight he enjoyed as well as the people. I fought with both of them, and I knew that Chocolatito would win that fight. I said in interviews and said in the first few rounds it would be a good fight, but Chocolatito pushed him and pressed him to knock him out in the ninth round.”

Estrada feels that Vioria was placed in front of Gonzalez just to improve his record and has not faced quality champions.

“I think he has not faced quality champion fighters. He beat me in 2012 but at that time I was a nobody and I was not a champion. I think you need to fight other fighters who are among the elite in the flyweight division whether it be against me or the IBF champion or any other top 15 ranked fighters. To be the pound for pound champion you need to beat me or and of the other word champions and I will believe that you are the best pound for pound.”

Gonzalez has often spoken about a rematch with Estrada. It is something that he wants. Their first fight was a tremendous war, and now that both fighters hold titles in the same division there would be more on the line and provide for a better match-up.

“(On the rematch with Gonzalez)Sure. Now it would be a unification fight for titles at flyweight I think it would be a very good fight for the public, and I think that fight will have to be made sooner or later. ”

Gonzalez has stated recently that he wants a million dollar purse which he has stated in the past. Several media outlets have misinterpreted Gonzalez’ words in the past as he has stated that the million was to be split even between him and Estrada, which Estrada is fine with seeing as they are both world champions.

“We are fighters who give amazing performances. I think if we deserve it. I do not know if we’ll get one million or two or less than a million dollars, but I think we deserve fair purses. It’s a fight that everyone wants to see and they now it will be a tremendous show. I would like the same purse (as Gonzalez). The same for me as for him because we’re both world champion’s that will give a great show to everyone. I think if we get a million, less than a million or even more, people should understand that we both deserve a good purse. “