Juan Manuel Marquez Still Optimistic About The Future


    Juan Manuel Marquez has been very persistent in wanting a rematch with Timothy Bradley since losing to the welterweight champion in October of 2013 but as time went on and it seemed less likely to happen he seemed to change his tone.

    Bradley has since moved on to fight Manny Pacquiao for a second time Marquez is no longer thinking retirement if he did not get a rematch with Bradley  like he had once stated out of frustration. Instead, Marquez is looking to fight any other champion at 147 pounds and though it is not clear when and who Marquez will face next he is preparing for his ring return.

    “Right now there is nothing but I am going to start training to see something positive and for a favorable future,” said Marquez.


    1. Marquez thought that if he told Arum that he’ll retire if he don’t get a rematch with Bradley Arum will give him that rematch. We’ll guess what Mr. Marquez ‘Cry Baby’ you are not Floydie who gets what he wants.

    2. Marqroid PEE drinker…Crying out loud mexicroid fighter who happened to travel in he Philippines only to beg for Packy for another rematch after rematch…thinking you are the real winner while your lousy asssss mexicroid is the one who always up…up….up…in a waaaaaaaaay both your legs…from the hit of the greatest fighter ever…now that you said..you got your avenged losss before and you lucky koed the great PACMAN…now you are the one acting more than a DIVA…you are ENGRATA…you are not a real man with full of fear towards the great PAC after tasting the broken nose and inhale exhale from your mouth…yet you got what you wish for…then suddely why not giving the great PAC his rightfully dues? that this time you are the one who can give a favorable rematch that the great PAC gived to you 3 times?? are you afraid of the VADA? or just simply scared like Floydioys jr…scared that this time…you will never ever get your lucky Pellets punch? hows the situation feelings? joining the bandwagon of the most greatest scared fighter of all time Floydiots jr?

    3. im hoping that Bradley will never ever giving you a rematch…so that at least it will neutralized you being an engrata…you will taste the kind of feelings how you turn down with your offer of rematch that the great PAC gived to you 3 times…i like to respect you for being nailed the greatest fighter ever…but to turndown the favorable rematch that you haved recieved from the great PAC then now we understand…that its been very difficult to trust the mexicans…yes…mexicans…simply because…it will reflect from your blood line…never the great PAC turn down your begging for rematches after rematch…if you sure to yoir self that you can duplicate again that lucky perfected well timed great lucky punch then its the time for you to once again proved to all human kind that your blood line isnt the type of scared one just like the greatest scared Floydiots who choose to quack…quack…quack…quack…instead of fist be the talker…stand ypur pride Marqroid…gived the remacth to your greatest arch rival the great PAC…remember…still…its 2-11 in favor of the PAC!!! .and another great koed of yours will silenced us all…and gibing you the proper respect for ever…not unless you give that FAVORABLE thing…then its just a pure fantastic lucky punch ever!! .yet iwith PAC you are the one whos reatreting…with bradley you suddenly the one whos attacking…by that carefully assessment…you clearly scared against the PAC!!! its just that your undying envious towards PAC that provoked you from longtime retirement after you taste lossing battle with the great PAC!!!

    4. Marquez, you’re a coward for not fighting Pacman for the 5th time. You know you won’t survive the next time. A-Hole!

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