Juan Manuel Marquez Tells Canelo to Man Up And Make Golovkin Fight


Canelo Sau Alvarez Juan Manuel MarquezWith the disappointing news of Saul “Canelo,” Alvarez vacating his WBC middleweight title fingers are being pointed in every direction possible as to whom is to blame who’s idea was it to drop the belt rather than fighting Gennady Golovkin. Fight fans fingers point towards Canelo since he has stated on two separate occasions that he would gladly put on gloves at any time and fight Golovkin but shortly after Canelo stopped Amir Khan he chose a different route.

One of Mexico’s greatest fighters, Juan Manuel Marquez, has in the past had his differences with Canelo and a feud built between the two and to my recollection they have never made amends. Marquez would speak against the “pampering” Canelo had endured. On the flip side, Marquez knows and acknowledges the talent that Canelo has. That being said, Marquez believes that Canelo should fight Golovkin now and urges Canelo to speak to Golden Boy Promotions about actually making the fight due to the lucrative opportunity.

“Right now it is the right moment [to make the fight],” said Marquez on ESPN’s Golpe a Golpe. “It is the right time to do good business. I as the fighter would speak with my promoter and ask him for the fight because the people want the fight, and he will be paid well for a huge pay-per-view event.”

Often times when a fighter is faced with the question of whom they would like to fight they will dodge the question (regardless if they are a star or not) and say it is up to their promoter. Floyd Mayweather would seek advice from Al Haymon and Manny Pacquiao would say it is up to his promoter Bob Arum of Top Rank Promotions.

Marquez states that Canelo should go to his promoter (Golden Boy) and demand the fight because the fighter is in charge of picking whom he wants to fight, and it’s the promoter’s job to promote said fight.

Marquez also believes that if Canelo were to go the different route as many assume (against David Lemieux or Curtis Stevens), then there will not be much of a financial gain for the young Mexican fighter.

“That’s what I suggest because the fighter is the boss. The promoter makes the fight and puts together the events, but the one who has the upper hand is the fighter.” Marquez continued,”if they want to talk about business then the best business is with GGG. He will not make that kind of money with Lemieux or anyone else.”