Julian Williams Not Surprised Pascal Popped For PEDs


    “I think pro-athletes should be forced to use steroids. I think we as fans deserve the greatest athletes science can create! Lets go! Anything that will make you run faster, jump higher! I have High-Definition TV! I want my athletes like my video games! Lets go!” – Daniel Tosh

    Tosh is in fact joking (great joke and great comedian). All joking aside, this could indeed be the current reality, according to some within the boxing ranks.

    Performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs) are a big problem in any form of competition, whether physical or mental. Fighter’s take numerous amounts of supplements to stay healthy, and we are just a scandal away from any of these supplements switching to the PED (theoretically). Today’s supplement is tomorrow’s PED.

    Julian Williams is not shocked at all by the recent news of Jean Pascal getting popped for three different types PEDs. With that failed drug test, Pascal is out of the co-main event against Badou Jack on the Floyd Mayweather-Logan Paul card. Williams believes that 75% of fighters are using according to a recent tweet.

    “Just told y’all on BCusterTV podcast show that 75% of fighters are using PEDS few day later now this #Jrockknows shout out to Vada_Testing” [Sic}

    Williams was asked by a fan to clarify if he meant all pro fighters or just the top guys, and his response left no doubts as to how early it starts.

    “You really think fighters wait until they get in the top10 to start using drugs when there’s 0 testing until you get to the top 10” [Sic]