Kali Reis Warns “Keyboard Thug” Rick Ramos To Lay Off


    Rick Ramos is a touchy subject in the world of women’s boxing. Some love him and the work he does and a lot despise him and his antics. Whether you agree or disagree with him his name is out there often but is any publicity good publicity?

    I guess that depends on the industry you are in. When it comes to the fight game it’s best to watch your step as anyone big or small, man or woman can pull your card at any moment. Kali Reis may be at the point of pulling Ramos’s card.

    Reis spoke out on Twitter in a series of Tweets warning Ramos about his antics and the way he speaks about several in the fight game and that Jessica McCaskill won’t fight his battles for him, well at least against Reis.

    “Side note RICK RAMOS: you lil shit-for-brains  no1. For thee LAST TIME keep my name out ya mouth and off ya posts it’s a long road leading to nowhere OR you getting YOUR ass mollywapped! Your broad won’t fight me you made that perfectly clear dweeb. Just FKIN STOP!”
    “Shit ain’t a joke ain’t no one laughin’. Either put up or shut the fuck up. I’m about the hurt BUSINESS. His talkin/typing ain’t doing shit but makin pointless noise. Just hush already dummy.

    “And since his punk ass wanna type n block ‘y’all’ can screen shot n send all this shit. Don’t get my cute lil dimples n smile fool you lol …. imma slide off this topic , I said what I had to. Going forward I prefer in person ‘interactions’”.

    “Smallest minds often come with the biggest mouth,  #KeyBoardThug & his insecurities are loud [as fuck].”