Keith Thurman On A Possible Soto-Karass Fight and On Guerrero Turning Down A Possible Fight With Him


    Keith “One Time” Thurman (21-0, 19KOs) was a guest last night on’s radio show. He discussed a few of the things going on in the media right now, specifically the proposed matchup between him and Robert Guerrero.

    It was announced this week, upon much speculation, that Guerrero was uninterested in the bout. While Thurman would love the opportunity to prove his self against the most talented and high profiled opponent of his career, he isn’t dwelling on “The Ghost” and he plans on moving forward.

    “[Guerrero] doesn’t want to get in the ring, so we’re moving forward. I’m trying to make the most exciting fights and I’m not afraid to lose to anybody. I’m not his mandatory; he doesn’t have to fight me,” Thurman said.

    Golden Boy’s Richard Schaefer remains hopeful or at the very least willful on making Guerrero-Thurman a reality, but Thurman isn’t as optimistic.

    “I heard it was a no, I don’t know if they’re still pitching him offers, but I’m definitely going to get one off before the end of the year.”

    Thurman feels like he is being ducked and even if Guerrero’s reasoning extends beyond that possibility, you can’t blame Thurman for feeling that way based on the fact that he has been ducked in the past. He is a tremendous talent, but he remains a high-risk, low reward type of fighter. For the time being, he will cope with his role in the 147lb division.

    “It’s not the first [I’ve been ducked] and it’s not going to be the last, Maidana ducked me on my [HBO] debut,” Thurman reminded listeners.

    It has been rumored that Thurman could be headed towards a matchup with the gritty and always entertaining Jesus Soto-Karass (28-8-3, 18KOs) on either the 2nd or 9th of November. Thurman responded to the likelihood of that matchup by saying “I definitely know it is a possibility, my team knows that I’m down. It might just happen.”

    The matchup makes sense and has been set up well based on the fact that they last competed on the same card in San Antonio on July 27th. Thurman rallied in his fight with Diego Chaves, earning a 10th round stoppage, while Sotto-Karass got off the canvas in the 11th only to stage a 12th round TKO over Andre Berto.

    Thurman highly regards Soto-Karass and he said he was impressed with his performance against Berto and acknowledged the attributes Soto-Karass displayed in that fight and admitted they are the things that would make him a dangerous opponent for anyone, including himself.

    “[Soto-Karass] comes in shape; he throws a lot of punches and has a great chin.”

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