Kevin Cunningham Says Alexander Must Take Care of Khan First Before Thinking About Mayweather


    030212-alexander-cunningham-580It almost feels like Amir Khan-Devon Alexander should have happened a long time ago when they were 2 of the best Jr. Welterweights. It definitely should have happened last December instead of this December. Khan chose to not fight and Alexander lost to Shawn Porter. The winner of the Khan-Alexander fight last year may have landed the Floyd Mayweather fight in May which went to Marcos Maidana after he defeated Adrien Broner.

    But here they are getting ready to meet in the ring with the winner definitely in a prime position to land a Mayweather fight next year should they win. Alexander certainly postured himself in the media light when he told that Mayweather has a tendency to duck prime black fighters.

    His trainer, Kevin Cunningham feels that what Devon said wasn’t true and respects what Floyd has done in his career.

    “I think Devon kind of misspoke,” Cunningham told “Floyd doesn’t duck anybody, Floyd’s fought everybody. Floyd’s been on top for almost 20 years. You don’t criticize a guy that’s in Floyd’s position. You don’t get there and stay there for 20 years by not fighting the best.”

    What Cunningham feels his fighter was trying to do was get his name out there as potential future opponent. In 2013, as a feeler Mayweather had put on social media that he would be fighting Devon Alexander in his usual May appearance which many fans didn’t take well too. But Cunningham feels if Alexander can defeat Khan in December, Mayweather won’t be able to ignore a fight with Alexander.

    “I think Devon got caught up in part of the hype in trying to get into a position of a Floyd fight conversation,” explained Cunningham. “But the way you do that is taking care of Amir Khan on December the 13th.”