Khan: Brook needs to ‘grow a bit of balls and fight some bigger names’

Amir khan Marocs MaidanaAmir Khan has never been one to shy away from trash talk specifically when directed toward fellow British  welterweight, Kell Brook.
The two have been engaged in what seems like a never ending war of words for years with both fighters focused on other priorities than forging a war in the ring with each other.
Brook has been busy fighting mandatory title defenses in England since defeating Shawn Porter for the IBF welterweight title in August of 2014. In the meantime, Khan has been busy trying to land the elusive “prize” fight he has desired for so long and finally received when he agreed to move up two weight classes to take on Saul “Canelo” Alvarez for the WBC middleweight championship.
It has been assumed by most within the boxing media that win or lose against Alvarez, the Brook fight will remain there for Khan and be a huge draw within the U.K but Khan still maintains his long held belief that Brook has to earn his way into the fight.
Khan, now having the leverage over Brook after landing the Canelo fight, had some harsh criticism for his rival from Sheffield, England when he spoke with FightHub.
“I’ve been saying it for a long time, if they want the fight between myself and Kell Brook, he definitely needs to up the game. He’s a world champion. Enough with these back to back mandatories and stuff like that. He’s at the peak of his career, where he needs to have the top fights and these big names. Win or lose. Why is he afraid to fight these big names? Because he thinks he’ll get beat.”
Of course, Khan couldn’t resist the chance to praise his own bravado while also simultaneously insulting Brook.
“The fight fans love me because I fight guys who I don’t have to fight. I don’t have to take this fight against Canelo, but I wanna give it to the people to prove what position I’m in, what level of fighter I am. I think Kell Brook needs to do the same. He needs to grow a bit of balls and fight some bigger names.” said Khan.
Needless to say, Brook disagrees with Amir’s suggestion of cowardness and has been recently saying that he is also willing to take on boxing’s biggest and toughest stars.
In a separate interview with FightHub, Brook says that he would love a fight with Danny Garcia and would be willing to come back to America in order to unify the belts.
He then goes on to suggest he would be willing to follow Khans footsteps into the middleweight division and challenge the undefeated Gennady Golovkin despite having never fought above 147 pounds.
“People don’t believe me. People think I avoid fighters,” he said. “It shows you what cojones I’ve got. I wanna fight Golovkin. Sugar Ray Leonard went up there and boxed Hagler, and Mayweather started at super featherweight and has boxed big guys, small guys. If you’ve got the skills to pay the bills, you can fight. I’m not scared of any fighter out there.” Brook said.
Common perception would be that Brook is nowhere near ready to move up and take on Golovkin but if you asked most boxing pundits a couple months ago, they would have given Khan almost 0% chance to land the fight with Canelo in May, so there is always a chance(a very, very small chance).
Khan, however, believes that Brook is simply throwing Golovkin’s name out there with no real interest in the actual fight. Khan told FightHub: “I do not believe that. I can’t believe he would come out with something stupid like that. I’m not even gonna talk about that, man. I know he did say he wants to fight him. Was it him or his promoter? You’ve got the guy wrapped in cotton wool. You don’t even want to put him in a medium-hard fight, and you say that you’d put him in with someone like Golovkin. Use your brain. I think he’s just using my name and names like Golovkin to get his career on a high.”