Khan: I have the blueprint to beat Floyd Mayweather


Floyd Mayweather - Amir KhanFloyd Mayweather has chosen Andre Berto over Amir Khan for his September fight. Khan in talking to the MMA Hour says he wasn’t surprised.

“Mayweather first said to me, Amir, prove yourself in the 147-pound division,” Khan said. “I fought three top ten guys and beat them convincingly. Now it comes up and I say, ‘let’s get the fight done.’ I really believe Mayweather thinks I would beat him, and he definitely is scared. I have the blueprint; I really know how to beat Floyd Mayweather.”

Khan says it takes a lot to beat Mayweather, but he has what it takes to do so.

“You need speed, movement, and I know people always go back to the Manny Pacquiao because Manny Pacquiao has speed and power, but what Manny Pacquiao doesn’t have that Amir Khan has is size. You need to be bigger than Mayweather, which I am. … He’s probably thinking, I’ve got one or two fights left in my career, do I really need a hard fight to finish? Also, he gave all the fight fans the fight they wanted, which is Manny Pacquiao. Obviously he beat Manny Pacquiao comfortably, but he fought Manny Pacquiao five years later. And at the same time Manny had lost a few fights and had been knocked out and is getting older. Mayweather is smart that way. That’s one of the reasons he doesn’t want to fight me. He’s a businessman. He’s afraid; he knows he’ll get beat.”

But Khan says its not hard feelings and will be there in support of his stablemate Berto.

“Berto’s a friend of mine. We train together in the gym. I think anyone in a fight stands a chance. The best sometimes get beat; it takes that one punch. He does have a chance. I’m sure he’s training hard. I’m going to be supporting him and helping him if I can. He can pull it off. Mayweather’s getting old now. You just don’t know when it’s your time. It might happen to Mayweather. Berto has decent speed. He’s a little shorter than Mayweather, but he’s quick, he has decent power.”

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