Khan On Broner: He’s Full Of S–t, He Don’t Want It.


Amir KhanTwo of the biggest mouths in the sport have been going at each other for the past month or two. With that description, you probably already know that I am referring to junior welterweight Adrien “The Problem” Broner and welterweight Amir “King” Khan. I have included the weight classes because they will be each fighter’s excuse for not making the a fight between the two happen after so many challenges have been volleyed back and forth.

So where are we in this story? Ummmm, Broner woke up and posted a challenge to Khan on Instagram. Khan responded by issuing a challenge of his own, as he is wont to do. And then back and forth we go.

This latest bit comes from the good folks at and shows that Khan is not entirely convinced that Broner is interested in fighting him.

“He won’t fight me. You can see by a person’s eyes, he don’t wanna fight me. You can see it in his face, he’s making it like it’s a joke. I ain’t taking it as a joke.”

Well, I can’t argue with Khan there but instead of sticking to things that seem realistic Khan does a little bit of bullshitting of his own.

“If he wants to fight, May 29th, if he says yes to it I will not fight Algieri, I’ll fight [Broner] just to prove a point. I mean, Broner he’s just all talk.”

Well come on, Broner! What are you waiting for? That’s only 26 days away!

“He’s full of shit anyway, he don’t want it.”

I’d say there is plenty of shit coming from all angles on this one. As much as I would love to see these two in the ring, the dates and weights are not lining up. Khan has a fight with Algieri on May 29th. Broner has a fight scheduled only 3 weeks later against an as yet unnamed opponent. So don’t hold your breath for an awesome Khan-Broner showdown anytime soon.

Then there is the issue with the weights. Broner has no business moving up to welterweight again after the debacle that was Broner-Maidana. Khan is finally looking like an elite fighter since he moved up from Broner’s 140 lb. weight class. As of right now, the smartest move for both fighters would be to stay out of each other’s weight classes.

Lastly, there is that Mayweather sized elephant in the room. Mayweather-Khan is a real possibility in September. With that on the horizon, Khan has no reason to go chasing Broner anywhere at all.

So in the end what do we have here? We have two guys that are very good at promoting themselves by attaching themselves to others. Khan challenges everyone not names Klitschko. Broner calls Mayweather his big brother and makes challenges of his own… it was inevitable that both men’s shtick would cross paths. It’s a shame that’s all any of this is though. These guys could both use a win over the other to catapult their career forward, and I would love to see them fight but there is no reason to expect it anytime soon. I’m sure there will be a retort from Khan within the next few days. Until then…