Khan on Pacquiao fight: That’d be amazing


Manny Pacquiao - Freddie Roach - Amir KhanWhether or not a Manny Pacquiao-Amir Khan fight is feasible remains to be seen. But Bob Arum, Manny Pacquiao’s promoter has spoken on having it in Dubai. Khan has acknowledged that there have been talks regarding the fight. But if Khan is still with Al Haymon, it may not be feasible. But Khan says he would love to take on Manny Pacquiao because he would get the better of him.

“Me and Manny Pacquiao used to have some good spars,” Khan told the MMA Hour. “ 50-50, they used to be. Toward the end, I got the better of Manny Pacquiao as I got older and a little bigger. Obviously me and Manny are former stablemates and sparring partners and friends. We had the same trainer, Freddie Roach, so we know of each other. But I’ve changed a lot in my style. Whereas Manny Pacquiao is still the same fighter as he was, because he’s always been with Freddie Roach. Having a change of trainers is not a bad thing. Every trainer is different. It’d make the fight interesting, though. Both of us have big hearts, hand speed, and skills. That’d be an amazing fight.”

But if not Pacquiao, the world in and in particular, the United Kingdom are clamoring for a fight with Kell Brook. Brook is slated to return in October. Khan wants Brook to fight bigger names to that the fight can be as large as it should be.

“I just made a statement in the UK that I’d like to fight Kell Brook. Hopefully, that fight can be made next year in the summer at a stadium, maybe Wembley Stadium. Not this year, but next summer, when it’ll be even bigger. The fight could be massive globally, but if Kell Brook’s not going to go out there and fight big names — I get a lot of criticism from people saying I’m scared of him. I’m not scared of him. I just want him to prove himself. If he does go out there and fight the big names like Maidana, Bradley, Pacquiao and he gets beat, it’s only going to make the fight smaller. So let’s just give him the benefit of the doubt that he’s a good fighter.”

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