KO 87 Results: Mrdjenovich Victorious


    Julio Garcia

    If you’re a superstitious person, Friday the 13th is bad news. On top of that there was a full moon out on the 13th but it was not an unlucky night for Edmonton’s Jelena Mrdjenovich who went to war in a stay busy fight which proved to be more competitive then many expected it to be.

    Mrdjenovich took on Marisol Corona of Mexico in the main event and from the opening bell the two fighters went toe-to-toe with neither side backing down. It was a fight that had you on the edge of your seat with Mrdjenovich on the attack in Corona fighting effective and defensively what’s clothes women rocking each other constantly throughout the fight but with no signs of either fighter getting severely hurt to the point where the fight might be stopped. It was a fans fight where are you didn’t judge round by round because you were excited to see what was going on. By the end of the fight Mrdjenovich one on 2 scorecards with the third judge’s scorecard having the fight a draw.

    In the post fight interview, Mrdjenovich stated that this is more than likely the last time she will be fighting at 130 lbs. And will more than likely be moving up in weight and taking a fight to see how her power carries over in a higher division and hopes to secure a fight with Ireland’s Katie Taylor.

    The co-main event of the evening saw Edmonton’s Flavio Michel upset by Mexico’s Alejandro Meneses. This was a different Michel from What was seen at the last KO event. She loaded up on a majority of his punches and swung wide and hard and ended up missing many of his shots. Meneses was able to avoid a majority of the shots coming his way and counter the Edmonton fighter frequently. Meneses won a clear decision against the hometown fighter.