Kovalev: “I’m a Fighter, Some Are Just Business Men Trying To Get Easy Money.”


    It was the one liner that made noise through the twitter waves on Saturday. “Adonis is a piece of shit,” stated Sergey Kovalev after his 7th round knockout of Cedric Agnew. Moments after his fight, Kovalev met the media and reaffirmed his beliefs.

    “Yes it is true; he is a piece of shit. He ran from me,” explained Kovalev.

    While Kovalev was in fight week mode, the news that Adonis Stevenson’s move to Showtime broke that all but ended their likely showdown. That may have been a distraction to a fighter but not for Kovalev.

    “I don’t worry about it now,” said Kovalev on if he cared about Stevenson’s move to Showtime. “ Yes and no but I don’t care about it now. I didn’t think about it at all because I already knew he wouldn’t fight me.”

    Kovalev nickname is “The Krusher” and he has crushed all of his opposition since landing on our television screens. Kovalev however wanted to prove he was more than just a frontrunner finishing opponents early.

    “My plan was 10 rounds this time. He had an uncomfortable style, kept his hands up very close. We stood at a good distance and picked out an attack and we got to him. He’s very patient.  But when I seen I could finish the fight, I did it because I has the two cuts, one cut from his head  and one cut from his elbow. It was my mistake. It was my distance we got in his shoulder area. I tried to do more than 3 or 4 rounds because people don’t think I can go more than that.”

    Many felt the fight between Kovalev and Stevenson was for supremacy at the 175 lb. division and to see who is the best at light heavyweight. Now with the uncertainty, can we consider him the best light heavyweight?

    “I don’t worry about what people say. I didn’t say I was the best but I’m willing to fight the champions to prove I can be the best. I didn’t say I’m the best. I’m just a fighter. We’ll see in the future. Somebody else will say I’m the best or not,” stated Stevenson.

    The two biggest fights for Kovalev are with the two fighters ( Adonis Stevenson and Bernard Hopkins) that as of right now are on the rival network in the 175 lb. division. When Kovalev was the number 1 contender for Hopkins IBF title, the fight could not be materialized. Now with Stevenson likely out the picture, is Kovalev one of the most avoided guys in the sport? Kovalev says, “I don’t know. They’re maybe not fighters; they’re business man trying to get easy money.”


    1. Kathy Duva’s not really a victim…
      You see, Duva’s trying to make Kovalev believe he will eventually fight Stevenson one day, which is actually on the competitor network, which doesn’t need the WBO belt at all to become “Undesputed Champion”.
      So Kathy Duva filled out this lawsuit, for a breach of contract, on a contract which was never sign by no one.
      *(Where that case is going ?)
      Anyway, All the major Belts are under Showtime, and Kathy goes on choosing non-treatening Southpaw boxers for Kovalev, to crystalize the idea in Koves mind that with her lawsuit she finds a way to setup a specific path for him, which will supposely lead him to a clash against Adonis Stevenson. (((money)))
      But until then, she keeps him busy, warming up with non-treatening (Blake Caparello) southpaws, not even touching the third of the purse Adonis Stevenson did against Fonfara.
      The real question is, why did she sue Showtime & Al Haymon, they have no business with this non sign contract.
      How many of Kathy Duva boxers are under Showtime ?
      How many of Kathy Duva boxers sign with Al Haymon ?
      *The answer is NONE…
      1) Because Showtime don’t want to do business with Mrs. Duva at all.
      *WHY?: (liar, plotter)…
      2) Because Kathy Duva conflict demonstration is ultimately blocking all her boxers to do any business with Al Haymon.
      *WHY?: (GREED, Haymon would highlight the boxers purses, which would also highlight the fraudulent actions of Mama Duva)…
      It’s clear, she wants to keeps her pocket happy & the boxers hungry. Her avid & narrow way to see profits make her think to much in percentage and not enough in gross income, cheap mentality.
      But the problem with this manipulative person is that she is becoming more transparent. Eventually her angry boxers like Curtis Hater Stevens and Kovalev will see through her games, and they’ll do what they have to do to make the money they deserve to make.
      They know Kathy Duva sweet tongue makes them miss great financial opportunities, which is the reason why Kathy Duva quickly locked Kovalev under an HBO contract (((AFTER))) Adonis Stevenson signed with Showtime, making sure Kove will have no alternative to leave her promotion to make the money he deserves to make; Stevenson or else…
      Adonis Stevenson is a great fighter, so Sergey Kovalev.
      But Stevenson is making much more money than Kovalev. (HOW COME?)
      Is it Stevenson fault, if Kovalev promoter cannot generate half of the revenues Al Haymon would guarantee him to do, with any other opponent.
      *Is it (Stevenson/Michel/Shaefer/Showtime/Haymon) fault or Mrs. Duvas fault?

      ► So typical

    2. This not credible lawsuit was originally created to keep Sergey Kovalev under Main Events, that’s it; otherwise Kovalev would left her.
      But before he could clearly view the whole picture, she made him sign a long term contract with HBO.
      Anyway, with this lawsuit against Showtime & Haymon; you already know none of her boxers will have the chance to sign with advisor Al Haymon, depriving them of fair financial opportunities.
      As none of them will have the opportunity to won a network deal with Showtime. Because the Kathy Duvas’ legal action, publicly exposed the fact that none of her boxers will make it through Showtime as long they remain with her, which is highly considered as an anticompetitive business practices made by Mrs. Duva.
      Which are some clear violations of the rules related with the “Muhammad Ali Boxing Reform Act”.

      Mrs Duva is using the judicial system and the taxpayers money, to plead for a contract which was never signed. It’s like abusing the system for external reasons, like convincing Kovalev to stay under her, or persuade HBO she was not lying when she told them the contract was already sign between Adonis Stevenson & Sergey Kovalev… (((lies)))

      Did she lost her credibility with HBO ?
      – Of course, otherwise HBO would have followed the complaint.

      *Now, if she declines she’ll lose all credibility, and if she goes ahead she will also lose business reliability among fans & HBO…

      ► Mama Duva has created her own dead end