Laila Ali Says Rumors of Her Father’s Ailing Health Are Untrue


    600full-my-profileThere have been recent reports of Muhammad Ali’s health declining to the point where he can barely speak, or leave his own home.  There has also been speculation of Ali possibly not being able to live past the year 2014.

    The story went viral after people began to question why Ali did not attend the premier of his own film I Am Ali in Hollywood a few days ago.  Rahman told the Sunday People, “He doesn’t speak too well. But he is proud that we are for him. He has given this film his blessing.”

    People began remembering what Ali Jr. said regarding his father’s health back in January this year. “I fear there is no chance my father will live longer than a year. I just want to hope and pray to God the awful disease takes my dad sooner, rather than later to end the all the suffering he’s in. It’d be really sad to see him go, but everything is for the best, and I will see him again in heaven.” This is according to

    Now Bob Gunnel the Ali family spokesman told the Courier-Journal, “Muhammad Ali is doing fine at this point. His speaking style is lower in tone, and as the days go on, he doesn’t speak as well as he does in the morning. But Muhammad’s a strong person for his age and the disease he has. Ali is not at a point where we’re all worried. If Muhammad were having major health issues, we would issue something,”

    Then Laila Ali decided to clear the rumors about her father’s deteriorating health by recently tweeting, “My father Muhammad Ali’s health is the same as usual. Thanks for all of your concern but the rumors are not true.”