Lamont Peterson “I got what I wanted, All the tough fights randomly drug tested

Lamont Peterson

Peterson Workout Lamont PetersonWhen Lamont Peterson was scheduled to take on Amir Khan for a second time, the fight was canceled due to a failed drug test through the agency VADA. The reason for the failed drug test was high levels of testosterone in Peterson’s system. Peterson admits to taking testosterone pellets because he has low levels of testosterone in his system. But a failed drug test and a canceled fight will always be at the top of the list of questions when Peterson is having a fight, even when there is drug testing for a fight outside of the regular commission testing as there is for his fight with Danny Garcia come April 11th.

Peterson feels he’s never has nothing to hide and likes that there will be testing for all of his fights.

“They’ve been doing drug testing for the last month and a half,” Peterson told the media at his open workout last week. “Who knows they may be pop up today, the ways things been going. Everything is good, just happy they are doing random drug testing. At this point, I don’t care about too much what happens, I’m just happy, it’s happening.”

VADA is not doing the testing for this fight; instead it is USADA doing the testing for this fight. USADA is the agency of note for all of the Floyd Mayweather fights and now will be used on all of the Premier Boxing Champions Series. While there are many skeptics of the actual organization’s ethics when it comes to boxing (Notably a failed Erik Morales test in 2012 for a fight against Danny Garcia), Peterson feels any testing is better than the standard commission testing.

It’s mandatory for me. I’ve been asking for it since the Khan fight. First time I asked for it I got what I needed to get out of it. After that, I was being labeled a cheater and stuff like that. But I got what I wanted from it basically all the tough fights randomly drug tested, and it seems like that’s how it’s going now.”