Laurence Cole Drops The Ball In Penalizing Marcos Maidana And Not Adrien Broner


    Nonito Donaire, Laurence ColeIn another horrible referring job this year, Laurence Cole totally screwed up during the Adrien Broner-Marcos Maidana fight.

    Maidana was deducted for a head-butt in a later round and rightfully so. Where Cole failed was the constant elbows, forearms and pushing that Broner did as in all of Broner’s fights. Cole even failed to deduct a point away from Broner when Broner landed a monstrous shot on Maidana after the bell in the eleventh round.

    Even though¬†Maidana did not need the help as he was ahead on the scorecards it’s tit for tat.

    A referee is supposed to be neutral. They are supposed to keep order on both sides and not allow one side get away with “cheating” and not the other. Cole repeatedly gave Broner numerous warnings but the amount of warning he gave was ridiculous.

    This is the first time I have seen Cole drop the ball but it seems just as bad as the job Steve Smoger did in the Bernard Hopkins-Karo Murat fight. It is a disgrace to the sport and a disservice to the fighters who put their lives on the line when they step into the ring.


    1. “This is the first time I have seen Cole drop the ball.” No disrespect but do you even follow boxing? Cole has blundered many times. Most notably, Pac-Barrera 1. Manny’s obvious slip was counted a knockdown while Barrera’s knockdown was called a slip. That’s a huge booboo if the fight was close.

    2. what can you expect from this him. it’s the same referee,who scored a knockdown on manny pacquiao in the marco antonio barera fight in the very first round without a punch…. lawrence cale is a joke!

    3. LOUSY REF.
      The way Maidana pulverized this arrogant piece-of-shit Broner is the same way Floyd JailWeather Jr. sees Pacquiao cremating him. The set of excuses & new demands will never end. Crack Sr’s son doesn’t have the testicular manhood to fight Pacquiao and that’s a fact.
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    4. Broner exhibits ALL the poor sportsmanship in the typical BLACK athlete in todays society !

      Paquiao and Donaire exhibit all thats considered good sportsmanship and respect .

      I just wish the Argentinian had beat that big mouth nigga into the mat so he would have had to been carried from the ring .

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    5. Watching Cole’s performance made me wonder if he is really that incompetent, is that even possible, or was he paid to ignore the fouls that came from Broner. He didn’t seem to have any trouble penalizing Maidona for his infraction which was much, much less debilitating than the intentional 11th round blow after the bell by Broner. The head butt while clearly illegal was more of a nudge than a butt. Maidona was trying to get his hands free and Cole was doing nothing to break them. Broner’s reaction (ie acting) will be fodder for jokes about him for years to come. What a sissy. Of course he showed everyone by his pitiful performance that he is a joke. I really enjoyed watching the wind bag get deflated.