Lemieux’s Manager Says Reports of Him Being Involved In Domestic Violence Incident Are Not True


stacks_image_2981David Lemieux should feel like he is on the top of the world after his victory over Gabriel Rosado just over a week ago but life and the real world has brought him back down with a reality check.

Lemieux is currently facing charges in which his ex wife was involved in but she was not assaulted according to Estephen.  The incident allegedly was between Lemieux and another man which many news outlets have reported as domestic violence charges which has upset Lemieux’s manager Camille Estephan.

“It is unknown as to whom contacted the police,” said Estephan. “Unfortunately, David broke a cell phone and placed his finger on a man’s shoulder in question, and it is for this gesture and not a domestic violence case that he had a complaint filed against him.”

In a report by The Journal in Montreal Lemieux is facing four counts with court documents listing two assaults, one against the man in question and the other against his ex wife. Lemieux is schedule to appear in court on January 9th.