Leonard Ellerbe On Thurman Fighting Tank: Tank Would Knock Him The F*ck Out Right Now


    Twitter is the place to go if you want to make fantasy fights and see people go at like a pack of starving dogs that happened to come across a piece of meat. Seriously, people have no chill.

    Keith Thurman has been away from the ring since his lone career loss to Manny Pacquiao. His time away from the ring along with some of his statements/actions outside the ring have left many fans skeptical on how much the former world champion has left in the tank and who will he fight in his ring return.

    Gervonta Davis is a name that some are throwing around in that mix. Davis most recently moved up to 140 lbs. and stopped Mario Barrios earlier this year and his star is continuing to rise and Davis along with his people will be looking at making bigger fights to continue his rise and build him as a pay per view star.

    Thurman first heard of rumors of Davis being interested in a fight just over a month ago. It’s something that he is up to should the opportunity present itself and it should be an easy fight to make with both fighters being advised by Al Haymon.

    Leonard Ellerbe respects Thurman but feels that it is not the right fight for him to take at the moment given where Thurman is at right now. Ellerbe has no problem making the fight but vows Thurman would get knocked the fuck out should he fight Davis.

    “Tank is not a 47 pounder and Keith can fight his ass off,” stated Ellerbe via Twitter. “He’s a guy I got a lot of respect for, but that fight I’d make in 2 seconds. Tank would knock him the fuck out right now. Trust me if he’s serious which I highly doubt that’s an easy phone call.”