Lou DiBella working on Serrano’s next fight, Mrdjenovich fight still a no?


    Amanda Serrano has been one of the hottest names in women’s boxing before many of you even began watching women fight. Throughout her career, she only suffered one loss and won world titles in many divisions. Needless to say, she will be a hall of fame.

    Serrano fought last Saturday in an entertaining scrap against Daniela Bermudez.  Bermudez moved up a division for the fight and fans got to see two number ones fight each other. Serrano controlled a majority of the fight but Bermudez had her moments. Serrano ended up stopping the Argentinian and the question of who’s next always come up.

    A possible fight with Jelena Mrdjenovich is a fight that fans have wanted to see for a long time. How long? Almost for a decade. It seemed like we were going to get that fight when both fighters appeared on Ring City USA within a short time span from each other but the fight never came to fruition. 

    Lou DiBella has already begun working on Serrano’s next fight and if your hopes for a fight with Mrdjenovich were high then you’re in for a let down according to Serrano.

    “My team, Lou Dibella is already working on my next title fight.” Stated Serrano via social media. “If all goes well my unification continues. Oh yeah, Jelena is still not on board. She will Tho!”