Maidana Says He Is Broner’s Biggest Test to Date and He Will Be Going for the Knockout


Marcos “El Chino” Maidana (34-3 31KOs) burst on to the main stream boxing scene after stopping the highly touted prospect at the time, Victor Ortiz in 2009. He has played the part of underdog in almost all his fights since. Maidana is 3-1 in his fights since his move up to welterweight. Once again Marcos Maidana will enter the ring as the underdog when he takes on the WBC Welterweight Champion Adrien “The Problem” Broner (27-0 22KOs) at the Alamodome in San Antonio, Texas on Saturday December 14th.

Coming into the fight, most criticism is on Broner as many feel he has had an easy ride to his championship belts. Although Broner disagrees with that because he feels it’s the expectations set by the fans and media that never seem to be satisfied, Maidana feels the he is Broner’s biggest test to date claiming, “I’m convinced that Adrien Broner has never fought a rival like me, so it will not be easy for him.”

After Maidana’s knockout victory over Josesito Lopez, his crosshairs were set solely on getting t a shot at the WBC title and to challenge Broner. Maidana and Broner have clashed heads publicly but Maidana states that at first it was not a personal vendetta towards the newly crowned champ, he just wanted what Broner has.  “It’s not that I’m upset or anything with Adrien Broner. The fact is the thing that I really; really want in my career is to be the welterweight champion, the WBA Welterweight Champion, and it happens that Broner won that belt unexpectedly because he was a lightweight fighter, but since he beat Malignaggi that kind of like became my obsession because I want to be a world champion. It happens that he has the belt and that’s why I want to beat him,” Maidana explained.

Maidana does admit that since the fight was signed Broner has gotten under his skin. He says that the motivation before was to win the title but now because of their altercation in the days leading up the Mayweather/Canelo fight, it’s extra motivation to come forward and stop Broner. “I really wanted to beat and knock him out even at that stage. The fight was not done already when the incident happened in Las Vegas. But after the incident, I tell you the truth, it really lightened me up, and it was a motivation for me, because I’m not used to fights or getting into arguments or coming to blows with fellow fighters, but this guy has something special. He’s a provocative character, so it really gave me motivation to focus more on my training, I’m training harder, and I just want it to be December 14 now.”

In the past Maidana has lost fights to both Devon Alexander and Amir Khan by decision.  Both fighters are slick, fast, and talented boxers. Past events do not predict future outcomes, but Maidana feels he has learned from those fights and through preparation and watching footage of his opponent, he is ready for whatever Broner brings into the ring. “In the past, I’ve had a few problems with boxers, slick boxers, but I don’t think Broner is such a slick boxer. He’s talented, but I’m preparing well. I adjusted myself and I’ll be sure that Adrien is going to respect me in the ring. I will make sure that he respects me in the ring.” Maidana went on to say, “I’ve been watching tapes of him of course like I always do through my preparation, and it’s a tough fight man. It’s a tough fight for both of us. Of course, he is a great fighter, but he makes mistakes. I’m very confident.”