Malignaggi Offers Up Some Commentary on Garcia’s Move to 147lbs


Paulie MalignaggiIt is a shame that Paulie Malignaggi is fighting Danny Garcia tomorrow because he could really offer up some insight on Danny’s first fight at the full 147lb welterweight limit. Don’t get me wrong, the matchup is interesting and I think Paulie will test Garcia in a major way. It won’t be an easy fight for Garcia, that’s for certain.


However, Malignaggi has proven to be a resourceful eye in his role as a commentator. It is somewhat ironic that one of the most observant commentators in the game will be in the ring against a fighter that he has covered more than once.


Not only that, but Paulie has made the jump from junior welterweight (140lbs) to welterweight (147lbs) and his insight would be helpful during tomorrow’s telecast.


That said, Malignaggi was able to offer up some keen commentary in an interview with in a video published on TBV’s YouTube channel.


“However [Danny] shows up tomorrow, we’ll find out,” Malignaggi told TBV’s Nestor Gibbs. “When you just moved up in weight you don’t figure you’re going to have trouble making the weight. You’ll always work to make the weight, don’t get me wrong. When guys move up in weight they’re not gaining weight, they’re actually just losing less weight to make weight. That always helps. I remember when I made the weight jump from 140 to 147, it felt a lot better.”


Garcia has had some shaky performances in his last few outings, but he was struggling to make the weight. Now, with the luxury of a few extra pounds, Garcia will no longer have an excuse if he looks less than stellar, especially his inability to maintain his endurance through 12 rounds.


Still, we shouldn’t expect Garcia to completely dominate because Malignaggi is a difficult test. Garcia can find success even without producing the knockout.