Manager: I Got The Solution For Golovkin and Klitschko

    After Saturday’s fights spoke with the manager of Andre Ward and Bryant Jennings, the colorful former hip hop promoter James Prince. Prince was praising his fighter for his performance against Mike Perez. ”We have a kid that is only been fighting for five years, against a Cuban fighter that had almost 500 fights. Yet, he’s still being able to make adjustments to defeat him. That speaks volume!” Prince later added, ”I got the solution for Wladimir Klitschko with Bryant Jennings. And i got the solution for Golovkin with Andre Ward.” 
    Speaking of Andre Ward, Prince couldn’t say a lot about the current legal situation about his fighter, but he told us that it is only a matter of time before we will see Andre Ward in the ring again. 
    About the point deduction that ended up deciding the fight on the scorecards mister J. Prince was clear. ”The point deduction was overdue. It actually should have been two or three points. But it is what it is.” 
    When talking about future opponents for Bryant Jennings, the manager told confidentially ”It don’t matter. Whoever comes next, we are going to eat them.”