Manny Pacquiao Says Size Doesn’t Matter, No Mention Of “Motion In The Ocean”


Mayweather-Pacquiao Height DifferenceAfter remaining somewhat scarce to the media for most of his training camp, Manny Pacquiao finally sat down with the press and discussed his May 2nd megafight with Floyd Mayweather Jr. was on the scene as Pacquiao touched on a variety of subjects and addressed the size difference between himself and Mayweather. Although the official difference between the two is a mere one-inch, in the press conference to announce the fight, many people noted the difference to be much more stark.

Pacquiao on the size difference, “I’m not thinking about the bigger or taller; I’ve been fighting with taller guys like Margarito is 5’11”. You know, De La Hoya, Algieri too. I’m used to it.”

I find it kind of funny that Pacquiao is still being questioned about being the smaller fighter in the ring. Pacquiao is the guy that captured the world’s attention by not just beating bigger fighters, but by destroying them in the process.

Margarito was 5’11”, De La Hoya was 5’10” and Pacquiao most recently knocked 5’10” Chris Algieri around the ring for 12 rounds. Even if we are still not convinced, I’m sure that Manny Pacquiao understands that his success has never been dependent upon a size advantage/disadvantage in the ring.

Ironically, his toughest opponent to date has been 5’7″ Juan Manuel Marquez. With that in mind, I wouldn’t argue with Pacquiao if he were to tell me that he finds being the shorter man in the ring to be an advantage.

At 5’8″, Floyd Mayweather Jr. will enjoy a one-inch height advantage over 5’7″ Manny Pacquiao. With both fighters, in suits and dress shoes they height difference seemed larger but officially, it’s only about an inch.

After the press conference, Floyd joked that Pacquiao was wearing lifts but maybe it was Mayweather that was indulging in a bit of gamesmanship. Would anyone put it past Floyd to do something like that to get into the head of his opponent?

We will have a much clearer picture when they meet at the weigh-in. That is unless one of them decides to put their shoes back on before the stare-down.