Manny Pacquiao To Undergo Surgery For “Significant Tear” In Rotator Cuff


Manny Pacquiao InjuredDan Rafael of ESPN is reporting that Manny Pacquiao will undergo right shoulder surgery later this week. What began as a disappointing “excuse” has turned into a significant injury that not only takes some of the shine off of last weekend’s fight but also will result in Manny Pacquiao being sidelined for up to one year.

The report quotes orthopedic surgeon Dr. Neal ElAttrache referring to the injury a “significant tear” in Pacquiao’s rotator cuff which was confirmed with an MRI scan.

This is such a shame on so many fronts. Not only will this take something away from Floyd Mayweather’s dominant performance in the eyes of the general public, but it brings even hardcore fans back to that all-too-familiar “What if…” feeling they thought they had finally rid themselves of after six years of waiting and wondering. Boxing never ceases to be cruel to both the fighters and the fans alike.

Losing Manny Pacquiao for a year at this point in his career is a shame for both Manny and boxing fans. Regardless of his performance last Saturday, I would still consider him amongst the top active boxers and generally one of the more entertaining ones as well. Even before the severity of the injury was revealed, cries for his retirement after the loss were premature. Now, at age 36, Pacquiao is forced to sit for a year. It’s a cruel blow after such an amazing week.

After everyone gets over the initial shock and disappointment of the severity of Pacquiao’s injury, I hope they come back to earth and realize that what Mayweather did on Saturday still stands as one of his greatest performances. Floyd Mayweather Jr. did not win because Manny Pacquiao was injured. He won because he was faster, slicker and much more technically sound than Manny Pacquiao. He won with his legs when they were supposedly shot. He won with lightning quick transitions from defense to offense and back again, when he was supposed to be the slower fighter.

Yes, maybe Pacquiao could have made it a little closer under different circumstances, but the result would have been the same. Floyd Mayweather made Manny Pacquiao look exactly like 47 opponents that came before him and this news should take absolutely nothing away from his performance.

Here’s hoping that Manny Pacquiao enjoys a speedy recovery and gets back in the ring sometime within the next year. As for Mayweather, he remains the best of his generation and we can look forward to seeing him fight one more time in September before he retires. Those that were holding out hope for a rematch would do themselves a favor by finally moving on. The Mayweather-Pacquiao saga is officially over whether you want it to be or not.