Martin Murray: “Golovkin Has Two Hands Like Me, He’s Not Unbeatable”


Martin MurrayThe best fight on paper for the month of February will take place in Mont e Carlo on the 21st when Gennady Golovkin defends his WBA title against Martin Murray. This fight took a little while to materialize because Martin Murray had visa issues, and it was hard for him to get one to come to the United States.

Golovkin, who has packed crowds in New York, and Southern California last year returns to Monte Carlo to face his best opponent yet even if he has long odds. Most betting sites have Golovkin at -2600. But those odds don’t deter the St Helen’s fighter.

“It’s a tough fight; I’m under no illusions. Golovkin is a punching power machine, but I have the tools to beat him. I expect it will be tough, and I’ll need to go through pain, but I’m prepared for that, whatever it takes.”

While a lot of middleweights have shied away from the fire, Murray is running into it, fighting what many consider the most feared boxer on the planet. But that doesn’t deter Murray.

“Golovkin has two hands like me, but he’s not unbeatable. I’m certainly not going to get into the ring fearing him. Never.”

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