Mary McGee Sounds Off On Rick Ramos And Jessica McCaskill


    “What’s beef?
    Beef is when you need two Gats to go to sleep.
    Beef is when your moms ain’t safe up in the streets.
    Beef is when I see you
    Guaranteed to be in I-C-U.” -Notorious B.I.G.

    The men’s division in boxing is full of beef. You see it at times within the women’s rankings but when they go at it they go as hard or harder than some of the men out there.

    There’s a beef going on right now with Mary McGee and Rick Ramos/Jessica McCaskill and if you haven’t heard about it then just know they’re going hard.

    There’s been some back and forth banter between the two sides but just a couple of days ago it started heating up. Ramos went on Twitter to post up McCaskill facts and fired off some shots about McGee, her record, and her opposition.

    McGee wasn’t going to take that lying down and fired off on both Ramos and McCaskill in a series of Tweets.

    “First of all Rick 20 yrs ago I was 14 years old Duh.”
    “Second of all I would be upset to if i had more belts then Katie Taylor & nobody noticed me like they do her.”

    “Fun fact y’all ran to 147 because you saw what you thought was a easy target (Cecilia Brækhus) and left 140 because it’s a bunch of hungry dogs down here [like Kali Reis].”

    “You want me to be real you’ve said we can beat Cecilia because she old & washed up this is your guy’s strategy.  If it wasn’t for the pandemic you probably wouldn’t have beat her.”

    “Knockouts are knockouts. I started out knocking people out and I came back knocking people out! Stop them whenever you say my success was a long time ago. Well out of my last 5 fights I got 4 KO’s. Jessica’s last 5 went the distance!”

    “Two of them fights were world title fights for me all of hers were don’t matter who the opponents are if you have knock out power you putting who to sleep. She had 5 chances to score 1 night on DAZN. She failed. Give me 5 DAZN fights in a row I promise knockouts.”

    “Katie Taylor gave you a shot as she gives everybody a shot & she beat yo ass now leave her TF alone everybody else around you want smoke.”

    “Fun fact Jessica lost her first fight to somebody making they pro debut since you said 3 of my fights I won by knock was with pro debuts.  [At] least i never lost to one  em girl!”

    “Let’s address this y’all help me get ready for a fight. Shit way back.  The whole time I was around y’all which was only a fucking week it was not a whole camp.  I felt uncomfortable. I knew Jessica never liked [me] so would try to talk to her? It would be dry AF.”

    “I can’t wait to leave! That’s why i never fucked with y’all like that. Always been fun style with me! Now all this beef prove the feeling I had was right on point!”

    “I’m just cool & funny. I get along with everybody but y’all we just couldn’t click! Now you hating on me.”

    “I’m saying this then let it go, I’ve been calling Jessica out for over 2 years. If she loses before fighting me the deal is off. Don’t  no one try to use me as a stepping stone when somebody beat yo ass cuz if I don’t someone will.”