Mayweather-Pacquiao Negotiations Should Be Done by the End of January


    mayweather-pacmanOptimism is certainly rising in many fans who await the possibility of a Mayweather-Pacquiao bout to come into fruition and rightfully so. Recently the L.A. Times has reported that a boxing official who is not authorized to speak on the details of the negotiation process in public, revealed that both sides have made notable progress in making the bout a reality. They have reportedly agreed on a venue, and the drug testing protocol that will be implemented in the fight. He also noted there is an urgency to make the bout, which may lead to a final announcement within seven to ten days.

    The urgency can probably stem from the Canelo-Cotto ordeal. Canelo Alvarez has been adamant on fighting in May 2nd, which is why he has been frustrated the Puerto Rican star hasn’t signed his end of the contract yet, thus giving Mayweather the opportunity to maintain the same date if he signs to fight Manny Pacquiao before a Canelo-Cotto bout comes to realization.

    Another reason for the earnestness of getting a deal done sooner rather than later is the fact that Pacquiao may be possibly looking to fight on a date before May if the Mayweather fight doesn’t transpire. Pacquiao’s camp certainly doesn’t want to delay the negotiation process to the point where they have to change a preordained schedule for a bout that was never going to occur.

    This is probably why Pacquiao’s manager Michael Koncz explained to, they have set a deadline before the end of January to make the bout a reality and if an agreement isn’t reached by then, they would dismiss the fight and start seeking out other options.